Tartan Explosion!!!!

Tartan Explosion!!!

Ahhh sweet, ‘Street Style’ – where do I begin??

What an eclectic mix!! Most of my inspiration for outfit collections comes from the people I see in the day-to-day and fashion bloggers. You can experience your own personal runway every time you strut out the door. I find fashion on the high street great!! Everyone is an artist in their own right. There are so many creative and expressive people out there and it really shows in their style. So next time you’re walking down the high street and you see someone looking really good – take note and be inspired.
Street style is awesome as it shows how creative you can be with high street clothes. Its shows that you don’t have to have a major blow out to look sizzling.

So tartan is the theme of my fist ever blog post. Ahh… Tartan…. you’re back and so accessible. It’s everywhere on the high street at the moment and if you’re anything like me you’re having an uber clothes crush moment.


Above: Vivienne Westwood  – my idol and in my opinion, one of the most inspirational and genius designers EVER!

The historical tartan fabric. What a babe. It doesn’t have to be red – it can be blue, green, yellow, even black and white which hits the whole monochrome/tartan trend full on. Kappowww! J I’m maybe going a little bit wild for tartan but, heyho – who doesn’t love a good pattern!!

So, ways to wear the tartan trend…………..

       The Tartan Skirt

There’s so many style variations –The mini – the midi – the pencil

red skirt

Tartan Pencil Skirt  – £8.00 @ Fashion Union

The Tartan Trousers

blue trousers

Slacks £14.99 @ H & M

The Tartan Dress

Tartan Pini

Tartan Pinafore Dress – £52 Cooperative @ Urban Outfitters

The Tartan Jacket

Rita Ora - Tartan

Rita Ora in Karl Lagerfeld jacket

The Tartan Co-ord

Tartan Clueless Outfit


 The Tartan Bag

Tartan bucket bag

H! By Henry Holland @ Debenhams £32

Now what to wear with these gorgeous items…

Well, well, what do we have here…………?

A lovely white plain T

A crisp white shirt – to make it a bit different maybe branch out to a black sheer shirt.

To make your outfit really stand out go for a Dog Tooth print or even a bright coloured T for a mega clash. Kapow!! Then there we have the makings of a pretty lovable outfit.

My tartan style outfit

Above – My outfit combo. Dress it up or down – tartan rocks any outfit.

Finishing touches…

So now we move on to the accessories.  I’m big on belts – what can I – say they do it for me…. they give an outfit a certain vavavoom.

With the tartan print, black and gold work amazingly. Ok, so we can’t all afford the Moschino belt (I’m still saving up) but the high street stores, such as; H&M, Topshop, River Island, ASOS and Urban Outfitters have great ‘lookylikeys’.

Grab yourself a nice gold or metallic necklace with or without jewels. River Island is like a giant treasure chest for accessories at the moment.

Shoes!!! Again River Island has an incredible shoe collection – I bought my gold heeled brogues from there. (Please see my little outfit combo that I put together above for inspiration.)  So maybe go for a nice pair of brogues or a sexy pair of black boots.

Last but not least -the bag. Zara have some beautiful Messenger bags at the moment, which are at the top of my wish list.  (Ok so it’s not Tartan but it’s amazing!!)

Zara bag

Zara Messenger Bag – £29.99

necklace for tartan explosion

 Necklace – £15.00 @ River Island

So finally, if you want to inject a tiny bit of tartan into your life – you love the trend but are uber broke like me, just get yourself a beautiful tartan scarf. They jazz up even the plainest of outfits and really add a wee bit of edge.

I hope you found this blog an inspiration to go out and rock the tartan trend. Any feedback would be great as I’m currently establishing myself as a fashion stylist. I hope you enjoyed reading my post, most of all thank you for taking the time to check out my ramblings. Stay tuned 🙂


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