Sade English – Skin 14 – Press Day


“Designing garments that are not built to suit society”.
Sade English


Me having a mini photoshoot with the models.

On attending Sade English’s presentation for her striking new collection SKIN, I was blown away by how deeply dramatic and innovative her designs were – not to mention how fabulous the monochrome leather looked! I need to put my order in for one of her fabulous leather jackets – pronto!


Sade’s vow is to never conform. Her aim is to open the eyes of the public, by exploring body deformities and disabilities and then challenging what is seen as the ‘normal’ body form. She incorporates striking shapes and patterns on her leather pieces, using inspiration from ‘unsightly’ insects. (The massive, gathered, uneven sleeves remind me of insects’ mandibles!) Sade English brings us SKIN, as art in the form of fashion and WOW is it stunning!!


Sade has removed all gender ideas in clothing by making this collection unisex:
“All the pieces are unisex as I wanted to throw away any concept of ‘menswear’ or ‘womanswear’ out of the window, and that meant pulling away from stereotypical ‘gender’ shapes like the hourglass”.
Sade English on SKIN

In my opinion, Sade has achieved this, because if you were to blank out the faces of the models, they look truly androgynous.


The raw and edgy visuals of SKIN challenge the traditional ideas of what is seen as beautiful and I think gives us a powerful message – that we should all be comfortable in our own skin – no matter how we look, as we are all beautiful!


 So there you have it, the fabulous Sade English!!

Thank you for reading!!

Love Serena